Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Janet Burroway answers Bernard Pivot's questionnaire

Last week Hopcyn Press launched the UK edition of Bridge of Sand, an excellent novel by US author Janet Burroway. Janet came to London and we put her through Bernard Pivot's questionnaire; she didn't even ask to see the questions in advance... we were impressed:
My first foray posting stuff to YouTube as well... so proud!

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Joys of Oxjam Chiswick 2013

Spent most of Saturday at Oxjam Chiswick Music Festival. In its 3rd edition, it was all for a good cause (all proceeds go to Oxfam) and showcases lots of young bands and performers as well as more seasoned artists. Most of the audience seemed to have brought their friends, kids, grannies, husbands and lovers along and the atmosphere was pretty joyful.
From the photographer's point of view, things were less than ideal as most venues hadn't added any lights of any kind so we could actually see the performers as well as hear them. I ended up pushing the ISO to something ridiculous like 4,000 and the result is very grainy/noisy indeed.

Here are a few shots of my favourite two performers: Asha, who performed upstairs at the fabled Metropolis Studios :
and Anouhska Lucas & Band (@AnoushkaLucas and her brilliant EP )  who did one set at the Hogarth Club and one at the Duchess of Cambridge :