Sunday, 10 November 2013

Four corners in Roman Road (AKA Camera Works some decades ago...)

I paid a visit to Four corners gallery a few days ago to see the thought-provoking Disposable exhibition. I used to hire a darkroom there back in the days when my camera was an analogue Nikon FM and I lived in East London. Having moved to the other side of town and with digital cameras swamping the market for the past 15 years, I assumed the place had folded for lack of custom.
But on the contrary, they merged with Four Corners Film and have created a unique space for both photographers and film makers. They have a program of training and talks, they still hire darkrooms and studios and they have a gallery. Well worth a visit!

For the Disposable project photographer Adele Watts asked a group of homeless people to take pictures with a disposable film camera. A selection of images were shown, accompanied by a text by each photographer; I'm particularly fond of the images and words by Spike Aston.